Drone rental and other possibilities

Have you ever thought what is there in common between drones and the sale of a hotel in Mazuria or the sale of a flat in a historic tenement house? Much is in common if the owners of these properties decide to add to the offer photos from a bird’s eye view.

Among countless sales offers, finding a buyer of a flat, house or hotel may become a pretty difficult task. Estate agencies as well as owners outdo one another in advertising ideas. Nowadays, to encourage a potential buyer you have to show something more. That is why, more and more often, those wanting to sell a property use a service of a drone filming company. Aerial photographs may beef a sales offer up and drone movies may triple the number of those interested in the offer!



There is no better control than this from the air. Photos taken cyclically can show your customers how “grows” your investment. The price for renting a drone cyclically to take photos or film clips is small when compared to the effect. Using drones in modern investments has become a standard in current times.

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Drone rental for technical inspections

Aerial photographs or films in high resolution becomes the best possible option every time where the risk of sending people is too high. In several minutes, by analyzing photos, footages or web broadcasting provided by our company, you can easily asses technical defects, potential construction threats or the condition of a façade or roof. Our prices are much lower than the risk that is taken by people for example: climbing on a 30meter-high chimney. What is more, our drone has a special lens with optical and digital zoom.

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Thermovision with the use of drone

We have a drone with a thermal imaging camera. Due to this solution we are able to provide you with a complete picture of heat losses in buildings or in a heating system. Costs of a drone thermal examination is only little higher than a typical on-ground examination. Thermovision with the use of drone is a fast and effective solution.


Drone rental for events and concerts

The live broadcasting from the air is exactly what you are looking for! Our drones not only film, record and take photos from a bird’s eye view, but are able also to transmit video in real time to any device with HD resolution. This is perfect solution for TV station in every place which they cannot reach by their helicopters! The aerial live broadcasting will work incredibly well during concerts or company festivities. We can fly safely outside and inside buildings. Renting a drone for a party is a fresh and trendy idea!!

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Drone Rental for weddings

Drone filming during wedding ceremonies and receptions are the latest craze. If you already have a film crew but you would like as well some drone shots – no problem! We have drones which not only film in 4k, but also are able to do the live or web broadcasting or can transmit video on a LED display. The reaction of guests is priceless!

Drone Rental for weddings

A beautiful panorama

A virtual panorama made with drones gives totally new possibilities in almost all branches. It is a wonderful solution when showing investment plots. A potential client can easily, not even moving from his computer screen, see the whole investment terrain on each side and, what is more, all of that from a bird’s eye view.

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Drones for services

We offer drone services for the rescue services. The live broadcasting from the searching area or the thermal image may be highly useful during searching for missing people. These kinds of services may be also used in case of fires or natural disasters. The commander of action may have the display of live images.

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